Download And Install or Reinstall Office 365 on a PC or Mac

Download And Install or Reinstall Office 365 on a PC or Mac

Office 365 is one of the most versatile tools which is being used in the recent times. Owing to its phenomenal uses, Office 365 is one of the most preferred option by the users. Besides being readily used for business purposes, Office 365 is being used for home as well. So, it becomes important for the users to know about downloading and installing Office 365. The home products usually come with a product key which is extremely important for the purpose of signing up. The first step would be to sign up with an existing or a new Microsoft account at and then you need to enter the product key. But at this point of time, you need to make sure that your computer meets all the system requirements.

Process of Signing in for Downloading Office
After you have signed in with the Microsoft account using the product key you need to follow the steps mentioned below of the Office Home Page which depends on the version of Office that you are using.

  • If you are using the Microsoft account, then you need to visit the home page of Office and select install Office 365.
  • On selecting install, the process of downloading should begin. The process of downloading should be completed within a few minutes.

Installing Office
After the downloading is over, the next step in installation of Office which are as follows.

  • You need to proceed according to the browser you use. If you are using Chrome, then you need to select ‘Setup’. Using the Internet Explorer or Edge, ‘Run’ needs to be selected and for Firefox, you need to select ‘Save File’.
  • If you get a prompt from the ‘User Account Control’ saying that if you want this app to make changes in the device, you need to select Yes.
  • After the completion of installation, a completion message will be displayed on screen. Once you see the message on the screen that Office is installed, you need to select Close.

This wraps up the process of downloading and installation of office. If you are struck in any of the steps or you cannot do it by yourself, it is recommended to contact the experts for help.

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