How Office 365 helps you stay updated?

How Office 365 helps you stay updated?

Is your roadmap feature stuck when you need it the most? Or you are unable to read latest blogs and are annoyed? Well, Office 365 is here at your immediate rescue. It will help you in being updated all the time by providing you with a comprehensive knowledge of whatever is happening around the globe. Now, as an amateur you wouldn’t know which are the correct sources for resources in Microsoft official. To help you get started, given below is a list of it.

Message center for the Admin
All the possible actions are kept safe inside Office 365, be it the service outages or rollouts for specific features. Only the tenant would receive the messages indicated to them. And any sort of content related to the Message center is exclusively sent to admins of Office 365 and in special cases to admins of other services. Messages sent by either tenant or data centers are never made public. Notifications are sent on your iOS or android devices.

Knowing directions through upgraded roadmaps
You can now filter roadmaps and get it upgraded on a regular basis for your convenience. Besides that, you can get a hand on which of the features are yet to be drawn and decided and which of them are already in execution. For the strategic planning and of Office 365, the contents of this become relevant for inclusion.

What is the purpose of Office blogs?
Office blogs are meant for big announcements. The VPs at Microsoft are in charge of writing these blogs which are fraught with information regarding new applications, services which are reshuffled etc. Compared to Tech community, its less technical and doesn’t contain intricate details. However, this is important in required changes in line for both C-suite as well as upper management’s works.

Function of tech community
The announcement by Tech community serves in giving a complete picture to the less detailed structure by Office blogs. This has created a scope for more interaction and technical outlook. It also establishes a well interactive session through discussion forms. Microsoft representatives, topic experts can in this way help those in need.

Events organized by Microsoft
Did you know that Microsoft even lead events? For instance, SharePoint update event or Microsoft Ignite Conference come up with major news in the market. While on the other hand, smaller events announce rollouts of features or updates on apps of Office 365.

Events in the industry
Office365 Saturdays is one of the best mini conference one day industry events to gather bunch of knowledge and make the community stronger. Other industry events include – SharePoint Fest, European SharePoint Conference etc.

Feedback works
Office 365 is constantly upgraded by Microsoft through the feedback provided by users on bug reports, Users Community, User Voice and votes in the community. The ones that get more votes are more visible.

YouTube help
Microsoft Mechanic’s Office playlist and Office 365’s channel provide updates on a regular basis. This is directed for the admins who need to be aware of the functions and roles of Office 365 in both services and apps.

Generally, the apps or services have individual accounts in Twitter which are handled either by a recognized face or a team. Most of the updates and latest features are announced here.

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