The Path of Evolution of Office 365 from a Sleeping Giant to an Enterprise Leader in Just 2 Years

The Path of Evolution of Office 365 from a Sleeping Giant to an Enterprise Leader in Just 2 Years

The software technology had woven into cloud services and mobiles which made the use of PC for suing the software a bit outdated. But Microsoft has quite successfully reinvented itself as the powerhouse of cloud computing. In the recent times, it is seen that one out of every five employees in the corporate sector use Office 365 cloud service. This rapid evolutionary path of Microsoft was guided by the great leader Satya Nadella, who actually made it possible. It is all because of him that in the last two years Microsoft has given a very tough competition to all other cloud service providers. All thanks to Satya Nadella’s vision in making Microsoft more advanced into a subscription system where customers can rent instead of buying it.

Amy Hood who is the CFO of Microsoft briefed that the strategy is working well and the transactional customers who usually upgrade in every 5 to 7 years can save quite a lot in the long run. It is a situation for the customers as they do not have to pay for neither the hardware nor the resources which increased the overall satisfaction rate of the customers. Furthermore, the users of Office 365 will always get the latest versions without having to upgrade. To know the rate of adoption of Office 365 in terms of transformation of enterprise production and collaboration, the cloud usage data from Skyhigh Cloud Access Security Broker was analysed for more than about 27 million users. A usage comparison in Q3 2015 and in Q2 2016 clearly proved the rate of increase of usage.

The success rate of Office 365 is quite high and is used in almost every enterprise. The usage percentage has increased from 87.3% to 91.4% in enterprises with a minimum 100 users whereas the usage within the enterprise grew more than about 320 percent. Moreover, the employees using a minimum of one Office 365 application increased three times from 6.8% to 22.3% which is basically a huge gain for the company. The main goal of the company is to enhance the usage of Office 365 and the efforts of the company seem to be working well which can be very well proved from the results. Office 365 has already occupied the top spot in the cloud usage rankings in terms of the user count but still the company has a significant opportunity of expanding its Office 365 revenue. This is exactly on what the company is working dedicatedly at present.

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