Steps to Set up Office 365 for Business

Steps to Set up Office 365 for Business

You might be using Office 365 Business Premium but you are not sure about the steps to set it up and begin working with it. At this point of time, you might be requiring Office support to help you out of this situation. You can very easily reach support by calling the toll free helpline number to get the help you require. But if you want to try out a few steps before you want to get in touch with the support team, please read through to get a detailed idea about the steps to follow.

Sign Up

  • The first step to follow in the process of signing up and to sign up for Office 365 business plan, you need to visit the official website of Office products and buy it.
  • The next thing to do would be to select the plan you want to go for like Office 365 Business Premium.
  • The you need to proceed with the steps for the plan you purchased along with the addition of users and connecting your domain.

Office Installation

  • Then comes the part of Office install. For the installation of Office apps, you need to visit the admin centre.
  • Then you need to go to setup for starting the wizard.
  • After that you need to select ‘Get Started’ under the section ‘Install your Office apps’.
  • Now, under the option Microsoft Office Professional Plus, go for the install now option.
  • Change your language accordingly and then install.

Setting up Outlook for Email

  • On the start menu of Windows, you need to search for Outlook and select it.
  • If Outlook is just installed, then you need to choose the option ‘Next’ in the welcome page.
  • The next step is to select File, then Info and finally Add Account.
  • Now, you need to enter the Office 365 email address and then select Connect.

Import Email

This is not a mandatory step and only the users requiring it can go for it. In this step, if you were using Outlook with any other email account, then you can import your previous email, calendar and contacts into your new Office 365 account.

This will solve all your problems with Office installation and set up. Even if you face problem with Office, do not hesitate to contact Office support for getting the best resolution.

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