Need to Reinstall Office in Another Computer? Don’t Worry! It’s Easy

Need to Reinstall Office in Another Computer? Don’t Worry! It’s Easy

Office 365 is one of the most versatile software that is being used in the recent times. The main reason behind the fact is that the software has a wide range of uses which are extremely beneficial for the users, Moreover, the use of Office allows the users to not only get their work done in an easy and convenient way but also save a lot of time in getting their work completed without any interruptions in between. But it happens many a times that Office is not performing as usual and your work is getting delayed. There might be a number of reasons for it which are as follows.

  • Office 365 is corrupted
  • Problem with the setup files
  • Virus present in the computer
  • Computer gives an overall slow performance

There might be a number of other reasons for Office 365 not performing in the usual way. This is the exact situation where you need to repair or reinstall Office. If you are tech savvy, you can perform the reinstallation steps on your own or otherwise you can contact reach out for Office support to get the necessary fix. The re-installation of the Office 365 is quite easy and does not requires much expertise. You can simply uninstall the existing Office and do a fresh reinstall in the computer which will certainly solve the problem of Office. But the case is different if you want to install Office in a different computer other than the computer where you first installed it, then you need to keep a note of the following.

For Office 365 Subscriptions
At the beginning, you need to deactivate the install that you do not require and then uninstall it form the computer where it was installed. It is to be kept in mind that Office 365 Home can be installed up to 5 times on PCs or MACs, Office 365 Personal can be installed only on one PC and one MAC and Office 365 University, you will be able to install it on 2 PCs or MACs. But it is to be kept in mind that installing Office on more computers than what the subscription plan allows will result in activation and unlicensed product errors.

For One Time Purchase of Office 365
If you have made a one time purchase of Office, then you would be able to install it on only one PC or MAC. But you are allowed to transfer Office to a different computer in case of a hardware failure, you buy a new computer or because of any other reasons you are changing the computer where Office was previously installed.

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